Meet The Team

We are Yellow Button, a UK based social enterprise aimed at helping communities

understand environmental issues through the medium of illustrated children's books and comics.


Our Vision & Values

Yellow Button aims to answer this question; how can we help?  


HOW: Educate- Raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues through our sustainable products and educational programmes.   

CAN: Empower- To inspire confidence in peoples ability to create positive environmental change. E.g. Sharing positive news and ideas.


WE: Connect- Help to grow more community interest in the preservation of the environmentE.g. Holding community events and talks.


HELP: Support- To aid people on their sustainability journey. E.g. Offering inclusive and accessible information from creditable resources.

Yellow Button is committed to resourcing and producing environmentally sustainable products and programmes. We believe in a 'lead by example' approach. Our book for example, is printed in the U.K using FSC certificated paper, vegetable inks and can be recycled at the end of its life. The printing company we use has won many green awards and has a carbon catching programme in place. 


We are proud about being a plastic- free enterprise and are currently working towards becoming carbon neutral.



Sara Kightley

Author, Illustrator & Founder

 Yellow Button CIC

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Hello there, 

I am the author and illustrator of

James finds the NAG Patch. I also design activities, educational programmes and events for Yellow Button. I am passionate about environmental preservation and education.I am also dyslexic, or as I like to say a daring dyslexic.



Eco Teddy Bear, 

Conservationist & Adventurer

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Hello everyone,

I like to travel from place to place getting up to adventures and meeting new people, especially those who are doing incredible things to protect our environment. I like to share others achievements and give advice about how to save our planet.


Chris Kightley


Yellow Button CIC

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I look after Yellow Button, which is named after a chapter in James' book.I make sure we don't profit from pollution and invest back into the community through education and conservation programmes. I make sure all our products are as eco-friendly as possible.