Find the Blue Paw Promise, book quiz, word search and colouring pages here.
We hope you have lots of fun!
Once the pandemic is over, then the Blue Paw Promise will be safe to get started. Until then trusty planet-savers, keep safe and check out the photographs below of James' conservation efforts whilst on lockdown. 
Be fantastic! Don't feed the NAG Patch plastic. This is the Blue Paw Promise 
Challenge because conservation counts!
Can you safely collect over 276 pieces of plastic litter from your local 
environment and beat James' ocean plastic record?
Can you find, identity, document and safely dispose of plastic pollution to save the oceans? Then this challenge is for you.
Get active with family, friends, your school or your local community and lets work together to save our oceans from the dreaded ocean garbage patches.

Book Quiz

James fans... are you ready?
Grab a scrap piece of paper or load up a blank page on a device and get ready to be tested.
There are three ocean levels to pass, 1 being the easiest and 3 being the hardest.
Please send in your answers to '' to see if you are a Book Quiz Champion.



Word Search

Can you find the hidden words?
Colouring pages
Have fun colouring and learning with James & friends.