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The Good Guys
Meet James and his friends, who are thrilled to have you join the ocean saving team. Let's stop ocean plastic together!
Face to Face
James is shocked to discover the NAG Patch - (North Atlantic Garbage Patch) A place where ocean plastic collects and causes trouble.
Ocean of Stars
Stargazing is a wonderful thing. When you're lonely they can be the most loyal of friends.
Grumpy Gulper
The deepest parts of the ocean are effected by plastic pollution.Deep ocean animals are eating plastic too. Help save them by refusing, reducing and reusing plastic.
Point Out Plastic
Yellow Button did a beach clean in Yorkshire. We found lots of plastic and we cleaned it up. Conservation matters and saves the oceans!
Wise Words
David couldn't have put it any better. We have the power to change and change we must, to save our planet.
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*Fan art pictures 

*Favourite ocean animal or plant

*Pictures of ocean plastic you've found

*Photographs of community litter cleaning projects

*'Save the Oceans' or 'Plastic-Pollution' 

  environmental poster designs 


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