Art & Action

Art is a great way to explore the world, share knowledge and take action.

Check out James' posters and comic book pages. Learn even more about how to be a planet-saver! 

Get creative and join in with our Ocean Sketchbook Gallery below.


Display your artwork here!  

All ages welcome

James and friends would love to see your artwork:

*Fan art pictures 

*Favourite ocean animal or plant

*Pictures of plastic in the environment you've found

*Photographs of community litter cleaning projects

* 'Save the Oceans' or 'Plastic-Pollution' 

  environmental poster designs 


To send in your images email us at:

Please ask for an adults permission before

sending your pictures.


Thank you

Famke, aged 11 from Cheshire UK 
A beautiful painting of Charlie with her ocean discovery book, set against the NAG Patch and the stars. 

Ocean Sketchbook



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