James finds the NAG Patch - Press Release

New children’s book tackles the important issue of plastic pollution whilst educating children during lockdown.

Self-publishing author Sara Kightley, is aiming to inject some positivity into these testing times by teaching youngsters all about the oceans and plastic pollution in a magical way, with the launch of her first eco-friendly chapter book “James finds the Nag Patch”. The book was officially launched on Earth Day and is available at

The story book brings to life a tale of a beloved family teddy bear who is accidentally lost out on the North Atlantic Ocean. There, with the help of a trusty piece of driftwood (Logsworth), James embarks on an epic journey drifting on the currents, crossing the ocean whilst awaiting rescue. His journey is the same route some plastics take in real-life, to reach the North Atlantic Garbage Patch. Known in this story as the dreaded NAG Patch!

The story follows James on his journey and covers many educational areas, not only to do with plastics, but also how to tackle loneliness with imagination and creativity and the importance of family and friendship, which children who are being home schooled may well find useful at the moment.

Ensuring the positive messages of the book is communicated during these testing times, Sara has already launched a colouring competition online, where children can print a copy of James the Bear off, colour him in and put them in their windows. Many of these can be seen on social media, which has proved to be really popular and a great way of engaging children with the story by using their imagination and creative skills.

Passionate about our oceans preservation and our fight to save our planet from plastic pollution, Sara has set out on a mission to educate youngsters from the ages of eight upwards. Sara’s commitment to the cause advances beyond the book, with her Husband, she has co-founded a community interest company – Yellow Button, named after a chapter in the book. With the aim not to profit from pollution but to invest back into the community, contributing profits to environmental education and conservation projects.

Not only does she want to encourage people to be active within environmental conservation, she wishes to also empower those with dyslexia, a learning difference. As a dyslexic herself, Sara hopes to encourage confidence for those with the learning difference to explore the wonderful world of writing.

The story of James’s adventure is a truly heart-warming tale, not only does it focus on the plastic crisis but touches on the importance of imagination, creativity and family. This small but mighty bear shows how positive environmental change is possible with courage and determination – much like the situation we are currently finding ourselves in.

Sara and James will certainly be ones to watch out for. The book can be bought online now at


Notes to editors

Photos attached: Author, Sara Kightley with her new release. Product photos

About the Author Sara grew up in a small, English town in Somerset, called Burnham-On-Sea, but now lives in the Peak District. Growing up by the seaside, with its wide-open spaces to explore, inspired Sara's love for nature and helped her imagination flourish. As a child, every chance she got, she was scribbling away, discovering the world with a pencil in her hand. You see, being creative is what she is all about. It was only years later, after she had travelled the world, taking part in conservation projects, completing a university degree in Fine Art, working and volunteering within the Arts, Children’s Education and Social Care, that Sara started to write her stories. Sara's debut children's novel James finds the NAG Patch combines the author's passion for the natural world, including its preservation, with her love for cups of tea, music, space, pasties and the other wild wonderings of her imagination. Sara asked herself before she started writing this book: 'How could I explain the uniqueness of our oceans eco-systems and our global fight against ocean plastics, to children? How do I get more children excited to be involved with ocean conservation?' 'Well of course!' she thought, 'all I need is James'; her mum's old tatty teddy bear and a piece of driftwood.

About the book With this book children aged 8+ and the young at heart will learn about:

· How to help endangered animals by being a conscious consumer. (Sustainability)

· Where Cornwall is in the U.K, what is a Cornish pasty and how to avoid yours being stolen by a sneaky seagull.

· Ocean currents, gyres & ocean garbage patches (Maps included)

· Stargazing, planets in our solar system, stars constellations & our universe address.

· Ocean food webs, ocean zones, bioluminescence & animal migration.

· How to deal with loneliness/isolation with music.

· How plastic enters the ocean, how it breaks up, animal entanglement, ingestion and how plastic absorbs other toxic chemicals. What plastic is made of.

· Plastic- free advice/methods, how to help fight plastic from home/ join conservation projects. What organisations/governments are doing to fight plastic pollution.

252 Pages, 94 images. Sustainability made. Printed in the U.K

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