James finds the Snow People

James would agree, getting out and about in the fresh air is amazing for you, even when it's a bit chilly. It's a chance to explore the planet and you never know what you might find.

Maybe you will spot some weird and wonderful creatures or see a sunset.

To help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the UK is in a national lockdown. So, James promised himself he would make the most of his 'once a day' exercise outing, to help keep himself healthy and happy.

To his surprise, on one of his walks he found some magical people!

That's right! James met some snow people, also known as a 'snowman'. They are very special because they only appear when it snows.

On a local hill James came across lots of friendly snow people, enjoying the view. They were a welcoming bunch, some had crazy hair do's and funny noses. One was very tall, while the others were small but mighty, just like James.

We had such good fun taking photographs together, James even met a rare snow frog ( pictured above to the far right ). They inspired James to make his own little snow person the next day, you can see him below with a small red berry nose. He told James his name was Cecil.

We hope these winter photographs made you smile.

We would love to see yours! Have you made a snow person by yourself or with your family? Have you met one on a walk and would like James to see it.


You can send your photos to James at:

Please make sure to ask a parent or guardian for permission first.

See you soon,

Wishing you well and keep safe.

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