A teddy bear braves the ocean and takes on ocean plastics.


This isn't your ordinary planet-saving children's story.

Did you know the NAG Patch is a real place? A real patch on our planet, hidden on the North Atlantic Ocean. It's a mysterious place that holds a dark secret of ours. It's very hard to reach and the journey there is not for the faint-hearted; but James finds it and guess what? James is a teddy bear.

How on earth does an old, scrappy-looking teddy bear find such a place? Adventure can begin at any moment. James discovers this, when a family holiday to Cornwall takes a different turn and he finds himself gripping tightly onto a piece of driftwood, floating out onto the open ocean

In this wild place James meets the wonderful creatures of our blue planet, discovering that he is not the only one in need of rescuing!


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An independent, environmental children's chapter book
for 8+ ages and those young at heart.

Paperback (UK only)



Aged 9 from Perth, Australia



This is a brilliant book, that teaches children about the environmental struggles of the ocean. I really liked how it was set out, both the pictures and the storyline. Brings joy to all ages, including adults. The illustrations were beautifully drawn. It taught me about all the plastic in the ocean, and that there's not just one ocean 'garbage patch ' but five! That's just devastating, it's certainly made me more aware of this massive problem.

I recommend this book tremendously.


Aged 36 from Somerset, UK

I was sucked into James' world.

Completely captivated and eager to see what was lurking over every turn of the page.

The eternal child within me loved every second I spent with James on his daring adventure.

I will recommend this book to everyone.

Aged 9 from Cheshire, UK

It is an amazing, inspiring book with lots of facts and an exciting story. You never know what will happen next.